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6 Alternative Valentines Day Experiences

Want to celebrate Valentines Day without going broke? Here are 6 fresh ways to enjoy the day…


6 Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas


  1. One of my favorite memories is when my husband took me for a Picnic at the Beach.  He waited outside my work with rose in hand and told me to hop in. We headed to Lookout Point in Corona Del Mar and had a picnic overlooking the water. So cop- a-squat at your favorite space and enjoy the simplicity of the day.

  2. Why not start early and wake up to a DIY Valentine Heart and Donut Love? Get some pink post-it-notes and write something that you love about your someone on each note. Then arrange them in a heart on a mirror for them to savor once up. After you’ve filled their heart with sweetness you can fill their belly with it too. Purchase a box of donuts from the neighborhood store (Dunkin Donuts is selling heart shaped sweets). Then write a love note on the inside lid.  It is a sure way to start their day with love in their hearts and sweetness in their tummies.  Check out our Valentine Fun Pinterest Board for examples.

  3. Take a tip from Parks and Recreation and celebrate Galentine’s Day style.  Grab some of your favorite no drama friends and enjoy some girl time with your best buds.  Make a waffle laden, heavy carb, sugary sweetness brunch and get your grind on.  You can even do a Valentine White Elephant gift exchange.  Have each friend bring a swoon worthy pair of new panties and after your done enjoying all of those breakfast sweets you can start the game.  Pick, open and swap. Everyone ends up with a cute new piece of lingerie for that special day.

  4. Go old school and take the family to a Drive in Movie.  You’ll have to drive a bit to get to a theater but the experience will be worth the wait.  Pack a picnic filled with some of your favorite move time treats, grab some blankets and sit back in the comfort of you car while you take in a new release.  Vineland Drive In Theatre is the closest we could find in The City of Industry, which is about a 45 minute drive via the 57 freeway.  Gates open at 6:15 pm and some of the movies currently showing are Maze Runner, Den of Thieves, Insidious and 12 Strong.

  5. Stay home and have a Romantic Movie Night with your sweetie.  Start the night off with a love letter (here is a link to some famous love letters from the past), then pick a romantic genre on Netflix or Hulu or whatever screening app you have and snuggle up.  You can even make some Pretty in Pink hot coco to enjoy during snuggle time.  Here is the Pretty in Pink hot coco recipe.

  6. Pretend you are in Venice on the canals and take a Gondola Ride through Newport Harbor.  Book it now for Valentines Day as times are getting tied up.  Pack a charcuterie tray, some wine and a blanket and glide through the channels of Newport while decompressing from the hectic work day.  Click here for Newport Beach Gondola.


Whatever your pick enjoy the day and enjoy another year of happiness.


Neighborhood Alert

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Monday, February 5th 

6:30 pm

Newport Aquatic Center (1 Whitecliff Drive)

Please come to the neighborhood watch meeting on February 5th at The Newport Aquatic Center. This evening is in response to a spurt of recent break-in’s in the Dover Shores area.  The Newport Beach Police Department will be hosting this meeting.  At this evening, you will receive tips from experts on how to protect yourself and your home.  You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments on the recent wave of burglaries in your area.

We will be discussing

Area Crime Trends

Overview of Residential Burglaries

Your Home Security Plan

Responding to Suspicious Activity

Question & Answer

To confirm that you will attend this meeting please email

As always, if you car or home is vandalized please notify the Police and our OMC Property Supervisor, Rachel right away.

We hope to see you there!


What is 2018’s Color of the Year?

Ultra Violet

Pantone’s newest Color of the Year is not shy but rather a Bold, Inventive and Imaginative nod to the future.



This fantastical color brings to mind galaxies far away that are yet undiscovered. It brings in a playful hue while sparking your imagination and sense of wonder.  How to rock this chic new color of the year? Here are some pieces that will give your home and life a punch of this insatiable hue without overpowering:

Add flare to your kitchen with this cast iron teapot.
Go Moroccan with this vibrant pouf.


Provoke in purple with this lush polish.
Catch it all with this leather valet tray.
Own your style with this ultra violet neck tie.


Remember that a little goes a long way with this vibrant color.  Accent pieces are the perfect way to add a punch of color to liven up your home and style for the new year.

How to Bring Hygge to Your Home.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah)


Be in the moment and have a conscious appreciation of all around you. Think of what gives you happy thoughts and try to instill these feelings within your home. Here are some ways in which you can instill these ‘moments’ throughout your life space:

Create a Reading Nook
This can be as simple as a beanbag chair, comfy throw and soft lighting to set the mood.  Then whenever you feel the need to hunker down and get your cozy on you can retreat to your new tucked in Reading Nook. Don’t forget to pull on a pair of  Hyggebukser (that pair of pants you’d never be caught dead wearing in public but that are so comfy you love to wear them around the house)


Spot of Tea Moment
Sometimes all it takes is a moment to help you slow down and appreciate all around you.  Take a few minutes each day to create your own Tea Time Ritual. Just the simple act of warming the water, brewing the tea and settling down to enjoy its warmth will give you a snug feeling to help you wind down and enjoy the moment.


Candlelit Bath
Run a steamy bath, throw in some epsom salts and light some candles…instant Hygge moment. Once in this experience you will be comforted and at peace from the stress’ of the day. A small moment in time to take you away from the hectic nature of society.


Netflix Together
Being with others and enjoying a sense of togetherness is another key to Hygge.  Invite a few friends over for a Netflix and cocoa night and enjoy a sense of fellowship that is sure to carry over into your next work day.


The essence of these moments is to make them a part of your daily lives. There you will be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of all around you and create a sense of Hygge.



Newport Beach Holiday Outings

Happy Holidays! With Christmas around the corner, Hannukah in full swing and Festivus for the rest of us all is merry and bright.  Only a few more days of celebration so why not celebrate every minute of holiday cheer you can.  Here are a few ideas to keep the spirit moving the next few days.


Walk Balboa Peninsula Lights

Not all of the lights in Newport are on the boats. Take the ferry to Balboa Island and walk the Ring of Lights (the Zimmerman house on 327 Sapphire Avenue is amazing!). Newport residents have set up gorgeous light displays to compliment the boat parade lights. It makes for a festive walk about the island.  Don’t forget to grab a Balboa Bar at Dad’s Donut and Bakery and enjoy while you walk.


It’s a Wonderful Life

The Lido Theatre is playing It’s a Wonderful Life up until tonight the last night.  Take a moment to enjoy this wonderful holiday classic in the historic Newport theatre.  7:00 pm at Via Lido Plaza at 3459 Via Lido Way.  Adults $11.50 and kids/seniors $9.00


Holiday Cookies


Break out the cookie cutters, dough rollers and baking dishes and get ready for a holiday bake-a-thon! Celebrate the season by baking up some tasty holiday cookies to share with your friends, relatives and neighbors.  Our favorite cookie recipe for the holidays are Kiss Cookies.  Super easy to make but they look like they take hours to create!  Here is the recipe. Candy Cane Kiss Cookies


Surf City Splash 


Feel like starting off the New Year with a splash? Head on over to our neighbor, Huntington Beach for their annual New Year’s Day plunge!  12:00 noon is when all attendees take a quick dip in the ocean for our SoCal version of the polar bear plunge.  If you want to show up a bit early they have a pancake breakfast to earn money for the Surf City Museum. Surf City Splash




5 Shareable Holiday Recipes


Which holiday recipes are your favorite? We asked around and consensus is people want recipes that are savory, recipes that are sweet, ones that can be made ahead, simple slow cooker recipes and recipes that are shareable.


This Savory recipe is the perfect meal starter…


Cranberry Brie


Just the right amount of Sweet


Molasses Cookies



Make the night before…


Cornflake Crunchy French Toast



Just toss in a slow cooker…


Cinnamon Sugar Glazed Carrots


This one’s shareable


Cheese & Wine Board



Enjoy your holidays!

Thanksgiving OMC Food Drive!

Join Us in Giving Back this Holiday Season

We are collecting food for the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County. Collection boxes are now located in your community laundry and exercise rooms.


Please donate today to feed those in need


  • One in six children in our community is at risk of hunger.


  • In Orange County nearly half of all public school children rely on reduced or free school lunches for their major source of nutrition. That’s 129,000 kids!


  • Most of our seniors must make due on fixed incomes and many simply can’t afford basic necessities like food, rent, and medications.


  • Many in Orange County are too often confronted with choices between paying for food and paying for other essentials.

5 things to do, create and cook to celebrate fall

Falling into Fall



It’s Fall y’all!  Time to celebrate and enjoy all that this fantastic season has to offer. We have found 5 fun ‘Fallish’ events to attend, creations to spruce up your home and pumpkin laced recipes to help you get in the Fall spirit:


Rogers Gardens Halloween Boutique


If you like Harry Potter, potions and wizardry then Rogers Gardens Halloween Boutique is your spot to shop. This month they have set up a display of magic and mayhem that will delight the young and old.  Wykeham’s Wizarding Supplies, The Owl Post, Weezer’s Joke Emporium and Morgan and Murkes Apothecary all delightfully designed to offer the customer vintage spell books, strange potions and magical creatures. While there be sure to make reservations to enjoy The Farmhouse Cafe, their field to fork dining experience located inside Rogers Gardens.


Halloween Spooktacular at Grant Howard Park

Grad a kiddo and enjoy some trunk or treating! This free event is being held by The City of Newport Beach on Friday, October 28th from 4 pm to 7 pm. There you can enjoy a haunted maze, a variety of games, pumpkin craft, bounce houses and food trucks.  Don’t forget to wear your Halloween costume as there will be costume prizes given out to the top creations.


Pumpkin Votives

There couldn’t be a simpler craft to get  you started on your Fall decorating. Its easy and affordable and will make your home show a little Fall flare to help you enjoy the cooler Autumn months. Simply purchase some small pumpkins, hollow out the centers and place a votive candle inside. If you want to take it a step further layer some Fallen leaves around the pumpkin votives or even core out an apple and make apple votives!


Fall Leaf Streamers

In continuing the trend of simple, easy, do it yourself crafts, we present Fall streamers. This Fall DIY has easy written all over it. Simply grab some fishing line, gather some Fall leaves (maybe along the Newport Back Bay hiking trail) and hot glue the leaves in a vertical fashion along the fishing line. Tie to your dining chandelier and voila a festive Fall home has sprung.


Pumpkin Butter

If you haven’t experienced pumpkin butter then we simply must insist you do. It is a epicurean pleasure that will delight your palate.  Pumpkin butter can be slathered on toast, layered on pancakes or waffles or even used to top your favorite ice cream. The best part is that it is a simple and organic recipe that is sure to satisfy all. (for the full recipe from Premeditated Leftovers click on link above)


  • 1 3/4 cup or a 14.5 oz. can pumpkin puree
  • 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. cloves
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2  cup apple juice






Green Tips for a Natural Clean

Why use traditional household cleaners when you can go green so easily. Take the challenge and clean green.



Now that summer is coming to a close, it is time to shake out the sand and start scrubbing up a bit. Yes it is easy to grab a bottle of disinfectant at the market, but have you ever read the back of one of them? Just the fact that you can’t understand the words is scary enough. Making your own natural cleaner is truly simple. It does not involve some lengthy DIY tutorial and in fact most recipes are under three products used. Here are some of the top recipes we have found and tested (most recently after a rambunctious puppy left a bit of a mess):



All Purpose Cleaner:

– 16oz Glass Spray Bottle – 1 cup of hot water – 1 tablespoon liquid castile soap – 10 drops tea tree oil – water to fill – scrubba rubba


Hardwood or stone floor cleaner:

–  1/2 cup lemon juice  –  1/4 cup castile soap  –  2 gallons warm water – rub with clean cloth


Carpet stain cleaner:

– 1/4 cup liquid castile soap – 1/3 cup water  – blend until foamy & scrub


Natural glass cleaner:

– club soda – 1 teaspoon lemon juice or – 1 teaspoon white vinegar – wipe away


Natural toilet cleaner:

– pour white vinegar in toilet –  let sit for twenty minutes – scrub down



How to View the Eclipse

Want to check out the eclipse? Even though you won’t be able to see it in its total glory, you can still enjoy a partial view:


1 – Make sure you wear special eclipse glasses or solar viewers. Do not look directly at the sun without glasses as it will burn your eyes


2 – Don’t have glasses? Check out this easy how to on making a DIY pinhole camera from NASA


3 – The partial eclipse lasts from 9:05 am to 11:44 am with its maximum viewing potential at 10:21 am


4 – Enjoy this playlist from Billboard Music and get your beat on.  Soundgarden, Pink Floyd…need we say more?


Since we are further South than other states, we will only be able to view a partial eclipse but it is still not to be missed.  This is the first total solar eclipse since 1979!



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